How to form infinitive phrase examples

An infinitive phrase will begin with an infinitive [to + simple form of the verb]. It will include objects and/or modifiers. Here are some examples: To smash a spider. An infinitive is a verb form that typically begins with the word to. An infinitive phrase includes the infinitive, plus any modifiers and complements. Infinitives and. Examples and definition of an Infinitive Phrase. An infinitive Quite simply, it's the word “to” plus the base form of a verb, like these: To study (to.

See the definition of Infinitive Phrase in Grammar Monster's list of grammar terms An infinitive phrase is the infinitive form of a verb plus any complements and. Noun infinitives can have with them direct objects, predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives or modifiers to form what is called a infinitive phrase. Example: To. Remember that a verbal is a form of a verb that functions as something else in a sentence. An infinitive is a verbal that can function as noun, adjective, or adverb.

An infinitive is the form of a verb before it is conjugated. Infinitive example: to swim. An infinitive phrase is a group of words that starts with the infinitive. Infinitive. A writing tip explaining the structure and function of infinitives and infinitive phrases. The infinitive form of a verb is like vanilla ice cream - it is the most basic ice cream, and get ready to explore infinitives and infinitive phrases. Every verb has a base infinitive form. We think of Infinitive phrases can act as ( 1) nouns, (2) adjectives, or (3) adverbs. Study these examples of each use.